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Descent, Part 2 47025.4

Picard, Troi and La Forge face Lore's attempts at assimilation until an unlikely ally surfaces.

Liaisons (Stardate unknown) :Lyaaran ambassadors visit the Enterprise and are confusingly charming and antagonistic.

Interface 47215.5: An upgrade to his VISOR enables Georfi to 'see' his own mother aboard a lost starship.

Gambit, Part 1 47135.2: Picard goes undercover among mercenaries. Awakening on the mercenary craft, a kidnapped Riker joins the subterfuge.


Gambit, Part 2 47160.1: When Picard is forced to reveal his identity, Riker is ordered to kill his captain.

Phantasms 47225.7: Reacting violently to bizarre and disturbing hallucinations, Data is confined to quarters while Crusher investigates.

Dark Page 47254.1: Deanna Troi uncovers a damaging secret in the mind of her tired and moody mother.

Attached 47304.2: Picard and Crusher are bound together with devices that open up a telepathic channel between them.


Force of Nature 47310.2: Following two ambushes, the Enterprise crew learns some harsh truths about warp drive technology.

Inheritance 47410.2: When a scientist claims to be Data's mother, Juliana Soong reveals her deep and intriguing secret.

Parallels 47391.2: Word find himself slipping uncontrollably from one alternate universe to another.

The egasus 47457.1: Riker's first captain joins the Enterprise and engages the first officer on an illegal mission.

DISC 4: EPISODES 13 - 16

Homeward 47423.9: Worf's foster brother is discovered harboring threatened Boraalans in direct contravention of the Prime Directive.

Sub Rosa 47423.9: Beverly Crusher falls in love with a charming and handsome "ghost" and resigns her Starfleet commission.

Lower Decks 47566.9: Four young ensigns find their friendships strained during personnel evaluations and a secret mission.

Thine Own Self: 47611.2: A malfunctioning Data spreads radioactive fragments throughout a pre-industrial population. In retaliation, they 'kill' him.

DISC 5: EPISODES 17 - 20

Masks 47615.2: A comet causes the enterprise to assume a Mayan-like appearance. Data is "possessed" by godlike characters.

Eye of the Beholder 47622.1: When a young lieutenant throws himself into the warp coils' plasma stream, Deanna Troi and Worf investigate.

Genesis 47653.2: A synthetic medicine turns the crew into a cacophony of bizarre and aggressive lower life-forms.

Journey's End 47751.2: The Enterprise is rejoined by a moody Wesley Crusher, who received some surprising news.


Firstborn 47779.4: A mysterious warrior saves Worf and Alexander from an attacked by a rival Klingon family.

Bloodlines 47829.1: Emerging from prison, Ferengi DaiMon Bok kidnaps the son Picard never knew he had fathered.

Emergence 47869.2: A runaway train in the holodeck signals a potentially fatal loss of control on the Enterprise.

Pre-emptive Strike 47941.7: A freshly retrained Ro Laren returns to the Enterprise, to infiltrate a rebel Maquis cell.


All Good Things ... 47988.1: Picard slips uncontrollably through time, trying to save mankind now, in the future, and in the past!

Special Features:

  • A Captain's Tribute
  • Dressing The Future.
  • Mission Overview Year 7:
  • Production
  • Special Profiles.
  • Starfleet Moments and Memories.
  • The Making of "All Good Things"


  • 2
  • Full Screen
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Untertitel Sprache:
  • English for the Hard of Hearing, English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Star Trek
  • Paramount Home Entertainment
  • 12

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