Miami Ink - The Complete Series One DVD

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As seen on Discovery Real Time, Miami Ink follows the lives of four tattoo artists, and old friends, as they aim to set-up and run a custom tattoo studio and showcase their art work together.

The crew of resident artists comprises of Ami James, 33 years old and sporting no less than 40 tattoos, the first of which he got at age 15; Chris Nunez, the 32 year old flirtatious Cuban party-animal who moved into tattoos from a background in graffiti art; Chris Garver, the big brother of the bunch at 34 years-old and widely considered to be among the best tattoo artists in the world, setting the bar for the rest of the guys and 33 year old Darren Brass, whose sweet demeanour and disarming smile can make even the most nervous first-time client feel relaxed in their chair. They are joined by 24 year old Kat Von D, the studio's new girl. She brings the meow to the Miami mix and is known by her closest friends to be one of the biggest party animals east of the Mississippi. The final member of the team is an apprentice, 32-years-old Yoji Harada, who lived in Japan until he was 24 and performed his first tattoo on himself.

The four friends learned their craft as apprentices in South Beach and then went their separate ways. From Los Angeles to New York, all have become renowned tattoo artists with a celebrity clientele who wait months to be 'inked' by the masters. Now, ten years on, they have returned to South Beach to open a tattoo shop together and teach their traditions to a new generation.

Tattoos are no longer just the domain of rock stars, actors, bikers and students. From mothers and daughters to suited professionals, they have become an accepted part of modern culture. get your fix of Miami Ink - go on, it won't hurt a bit!

Special Features:

  • Artist biographies
  • Artist interviews
  • Hidden extras
  • Photo gallery
  • Tattoo artwork - DVD ROM feature


  • Darren Brass,
  • Chris Garver,
  • Yoji Harada,
  • Ami James,
  • Chris Nunez,
  • Kat Von D
  • David Roma,
  • Jonathan Wyche
  • 2
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
Anzahl von Disks:
  • 5
  • English
  • Revelation Films
  • E

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