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DISC 1 - The Panzer

Battle tanks decided many battles during the Second World War. Some 25,000 were produced in Germany and some 250,000 by the Allies during the conflict. Yet despite overwhelming odds, the German Panzer Divisions became legendary. Just as a cavalryman becomes attached to his horse, the Panzer crews still vividly remember their mechanical mounts, the sounds they produced, the smell of fuel and oil, the effects they had on the enemy and also the fact that the Panzer could become a steel coffin in one blazing moment.

DISC 2 - Gestapo - Hitler's Secret Police

The very name of Hitler's secret police has become synonymous with the rule of terror that, under Heinrich Himmler, first maintained and then extended the Fuhrer's iron grip on Germany and its people. Waging relentless war on political dissidents, disaffected citizens and religious minorities alike, the Gestapo's tactics of torture, interrogation and summary execution bolstered Hitler's crumbling regime to the last and established a reputation for brutality and oppression that would endure long after the last Gestapo commandment met his fate at the gallows.

DISC 3 - Hitler's War 1939 - 1945

By June 23rd 1940 Hitler's dream of mastery in Europe had come true, as he triumphantly took Paris after only 10 months of war and then launched his ultimate plan for an Eastern Front. With over 100 minutes of footage, this DVD depicts Hitler's war using rare colour archive footage, including material shot by Eva Braun at the Berghof, much of which has been unavailable in the west since World War Two.

DISC 4 - Waffen SS - Hitler's Elite Fighting Force

The Waffen-SS won a unique reputation for daring elan and unfailing professionalism in combat. Yet if their courage was unquestioned, so too was the fear and loathing which they elicited from their own people, and from the regular soldiers alongside whom they fought. The SS played a conspicuous role in most of the important German triumphs, one far disproportionate to their numbers. In the long period of decline and retreat, as the Germans were steadily pushed back from east and west, despite repeatedly sustaining horrendous casualties, their discipline remained unbroken, their fighting ardour unimpaired, almost to the very end.

DISC 5 - Great German Battleships Of World War Two

This fascinating DVD, using archive footage, stills and interviews with German ex-Naval officers and seamen, concentrates on the exploits of the famous Bismarck. This is followed by an in-depth portrait of the mightiest and most famous German warships of World War Two, including the big sea battles they encountered.

DISC 6 - The History Of The Luftwaffe

No ordinary force, the Luftwaffe was to become the handmaiden of Hitler's dream of conquest and a vital component of 'Blitzkrieg' or 'Lightning War'. However the glories won in Poland, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium and finally France, as the Nazi marched victorious through Europe, were to turn sour. The fuhrer's continual demands upon his airforce, as he fanatically pursued his 'Grand Design' forced the Luftwaffe into the role of workhorse, though incompetence, intrigue and greed amongst its commanders made the task near impossible.

Special Features:

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