Footballers Wives - The Complete Collection (Includes Extra Time Series 1 and 2) DVD

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Footballers' Wives - Series 1

1. Getting a Result - First Broadcast: 8 January 2002

Striker Ian Walmsley  is thrilled when he gets offered a place on the Earls Park first team.  Meanwhile his down-to-earth young wife Donna starts a search for the son she and Ian gave up for adoption nine years ago.

2. Take Each Game as it Comes - First Broadcast: 15 January 2002

Club Chairman Frank Laslett lies in a coma, and the Turners wonder what the future holds when they learn that he could recover.

3. On the Ball - First Broadcast: 22 January 2002

Kyle and Chardonnay decide to go ahead with the wedding of the year, complete with glossy magazine deal, and despite Chardonnay’s burns.

4. A Funny Old Game - First Broadcast: 29 January 2002

Tanya Turner’s cocaine habit gets increasingly out of hand when she turns to the drug to keep her nightmares at bay.

5. All To Play For - First Broadcast: 5 February 2002

Ian Walmsley is back at home and at the request of the Sparks’ manager Stefan Hauser, he’s brought Sal Biagi with him – much to Donna’s annoyance.

6. Winning The Double - First Broadcast: 12 February 2002

Stefan Hauser  decides to put Jason on the bench in favour of Sal Biagi, and a humiliated Jason demands to be put on the transfer list.

7. All Credit to the Lads - First Broadcast: 19 February 2002

Chardonnay faints at the gym and subsequent blood tests seem to reveal that she is pregnant… but in fact, the test results she receives are those of another Mrs Pascoe: Jackie, who is carrying Jason Turner’s baby.

8. They Think It's All Over - First Broadcast: 26 February 2002

Annoyed at Tanya for flirting with Frank, Jason finds himself back in bed with Marie and promises to leave Tanya to be with her.


Footballers' Wives - Series 2

1. Just Can't Give Up - First Broadcast: 8 January 2003

The series picks up several months after the end of the last episode. There is still no news of Holly and Ian finds himself having nightmares about her death. Jackie gives birth to a baby boy, Paddy, in Florida and reluctantly hands him over to Kyle and Chardonnay.

2. The Ties That Bind - First Broadcast: 15 January 2003

Ian is overjoyed when he discovers Holly at the trailer park that Vince took him to. He breaks into a house and rescues Holly just as the old woman who has been looking after her returns.

3. Go For the Overkill - First Broadcast: 22 January 2003

Jackie begins to search for a new home. Jason wants to have a baby...but Tanya doesn't! Tanya's cocaine habit is exposed to the public when she is arrested for possessing Class A drugs!

4. ...And In With the New - First Broadcast: 29 January 2003

Jackie begs Jason not to tell Kyle that he is Paddy‘s father. Tanya gets ready for her appearance on Chardonnay’s TV show.

5. A Change of Career? - First Broadcast: 5 February 2003

Chardonnay returns home to find that Jason has kidnapped Paddy and punched Kyle. Kyle is determined to confront Jason and get Paddy back. Meanwhile Jason and Jackie get used to looking after the baby.

6. Facing the Truth - First Broadcast: 12 February 2003

A shocked Jackie and Jason struggle to understand Paddy’s condition as Dr Patel explains it to them. Sal tries to get rid of Freddie when Hazel comes to see him to talk about his contract but she introduces herself to an amused Hazel and settles in for the night.

7. Bitter Medicine - First Broadcast: 19 February 2003

Kyle waits outside Jason’s house for Tanya to leave so he can confront Jason about Jackie and Paddy. Jason welcomes Kyle in thinking that he has got away with everything but Kyle suddenly punches him and a fight ensues.

8. Fall From Grace - First Broadcast: 26 February 2003

Sal appears at Zanzi’s nightclub to see what’s going on between Freddie and Jason. Jason delights in pretending that him and Freddie are more than just friends.


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Footballers Wives - The Complete Collection (Includes Extra Time Series 1 and 2) DVD

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Footballers Wives - The Complete Collection (Includes Extra Time Series 1 and 2)
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