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Disc 1
Sharp Practice
Jack Kerruish Treata his last Patients At The African Clinic he has built up from scratch. The Beeches surgery in the peak District Village Of Cardale is Just What he Is looking for , but the senior partner, Dr Beth Glower is less then impressed with jack, However they are forced to work alongside each other when an emergency situation involving two local youngsters arises.
2 Outsiders
A Rival Health Centre that has been given fund-holding status is wooing many of The Beeches Patients Away. Beth has conflicting feelings for Jack, as they continue to clash over personal differences.
3 Growing Pains.
Dr Will Preston's Wife, Sarah begins an affair with Dr Daniel Acres, Whose Transfer To the Rival Health Centre Has Enhanced his Social and financial Status. A Teenager Crush Threatens The Career Of Dr Jack Kerruish When he Treats A Young Athlete For A Sport Injury.
4 Rose Around The Door
Tempers Flare As the workload at the beeches surgery increases. Jack Has to deal with a farm worker who is suffering from disease of the nervous system, which threatens to lose him his job and tied cottage.
Disc 2
5. Impulsive Behaviour
Dr Jack Kerruish Is Flattered By the attentions of the sexy new GP Trainee. A young Catholic Priest has to face some hard facts when he suspects that he is mentally ill
6. Hope To Die
Will And Sarah marriage comes under increasing strain when they fail deeper into debt. Jack has to make a life or death decision about a 28 year old ex minor, who has a serious heart condition.
7 Listening Skills
Will Driven to the brink of Despair. He Believes he has a way of clearing the money they owe but his actions have tragic consequences.
8 Giddy Heights
Jack Joins A mountain rescue team and has to help a Kidney Transplant patient who is lost in the mountains as a storm brews, Also is there a chance of happiness For Beth And Jack?


  • Antonia Bird,
  • Alan Grint,
  • Gordon Flemyng
  • Free
  • 4:3
Anzahl von Disks:
  • 2
  • English
  • Peak Practice
  • Network
  • PG

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